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WELCOME TO Reho Protection Services's WEBSITE

Since 2015, Reho Protection Services has been a trusted partner to clients in the corporate, retail and industrial sector, and has branches in all four major centers in South Africa. It uses its extensive expertise to create Tailor-made solutions that are customized to meet individual security needs. Our mission is to protect our client's assets,

people and property by offering a security solution unique to their needs. South Africa's infamous crime rate has elevated safety and security to one of the top issues on the business management agenda. Employers are not only obligated to ensure the well-being of those on their premises,

but must manage security in such a way that crime does not affect their bottom-line. Reho Protection Services provides a fully-integrated range of professional security services to meet all its clients needs in this critical area, and its one-stop approach enables companies to focus on their core business.

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