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Meeting All your Security Needs

Warehousing and distribution. The prevention of warehousing and distribution theft has become one of the greatest growth areas In the security industry today. We are regarded as leaders in the fields of warehousing and freight security.
What makes our service unique is: We provide dual labour trained in security and a number of other functions. For example, an auditor / dispatch checker.
We focus on sophisticated risk surveys that highlight vulnerable areas in Warehouse and distribution systems. Systems and procedures to combat theft. At all levels are then implemented.
We have introduced a training manual for security auditors and supervisors.
Performing receiving, dispatch and other warehouse duties. Armed escorts.
We have highly trained security personnel with extensive experience in escorting high value items within the boards of South Africa.
All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking devices and are closely monitored via our 24-hour control rooms, while armed guards and escort vehicles maintain Constant radio communication.
Reho Protection Services currently provides armed escorting services to, among others, transporters of platinum, copper, nickel, tyres and electronic Equipment.
It has third-party insurance to the value of R20 million and has half-way stops In Musina, Johannesburg and Durban.

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